Why Shift


The Shift has a knowledgeable team of experts means you’re not alone to solve your communication needs. We’ll meet with you to discuss your current system and advise you how best to choose the suite of hardware and services that will connect you everywhere you go.


The Shift solution is customer-centric. As a Shift client, you will have a dedicated customer service team to direct your seamless transition to VoIP and ensure your challenges are met as your business grows and changes. When you move your telephone service needs to Shift, all of your existing numbers can be easily ported. We provide an on-site training session to ensure you are familiar with the service features you have chosen. We also provide extensive customer support via manuals and technical support desk.


Our technical support is human, personal and local. No nameless techs or auto-attendants. The technician who installs your system and those who look after your technical support are just one call away.


We are a BroadSoft service provider, which means we have an ongoing commitment to invest in and deliver the most current technology. BroadSoft is the leading manufacturer for the recommunications industry worldwide and is the platform used by sixteen of the top twenty communication carriers worldwide with over 450+ million combined users.


The Shift VoIP handsets are highly portable and can be connected to any network, regardless of location. You can unplug the handset from its regular location and take it with when you travel. You can then connect it easily to your off-site network (home, branch office, or travel location) and have full access immediately to all of your VoIP system features.


HD digital voice quality
Great portability and flexibility
Simultaneous calls, 1 LAN connection
Vast features and tech integration
Self manage using secure online portal
Low set up and installation fees


Standard telephone quality (low-fi analog)
No portability or flexibility
Circuit switched technology/ 1 call line
Limited features/ limited integration
Service person required to manage
Expensive equipment and installation