Our Platform

Private IP Network

Shift operates our own private VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) network, with triple redundancy and reliability. This network delivers verifiable uptime of 99.99% and enterprise level backbone, ensuring you are connected at all times.

VoIP systems replace the traditional PBX telephone system with an Internet-based communications system that provides substantial savings and portability.

Platform Details

Shift has partnered with BroadSoft, the leading manufacturer for the telecommunications industry worldwide and the platform used by 16 of the top 25 communications carriers worldwide with over 450+ million combined users.

BroadSoft has architected Unified Communications to integrate easily with mobile networks, whether 2G, 3G or 4G. Additionally, users can easily access all of their Unified Communications services from desk phones, laptops, smartphones and tablets, communicating the way they want, anytime, anywhere.

As an authorized BroadSoft service provider, we develop adaptable and affordable solutions such as BroadCloud, BroadTouch and BroadWorks applications for our clients that fully utilize enterprise scale reliability.

Our technology platform is designed to keep you connected everywhere.

Our Handset Program

In addition, we supply industry-standard VoIP handsets that integrate perfectly with the solutions we develop for you. This equipment is available on a purchase or lease/upgrade plan that provides you with ongoing innovation at an affordable cost.

Our handsets are designed to be completely portable. Unplug a Shift VoIP handset from your network, carry it with you, and plug it in at your next destination. Wherever that happens to be (your branch office, your home, your vacation spot), you will be connected everywhere with a Shift handset.